3M Thinsulate

Thinsulate is 3M registered thermal material trademark, is the concept of lightweight thermal insulation materials, one of the brand, was born in the United States in 1978, designed for the United States Marine Corps warm clothing design and development, in 1988 to enter the civilian market, Many sponsorship of the Winter Olympics and World Cup skiing. After entering China in 2002, it became the thermal insulation material designated by the national Antarctic expedition team. Now in the domestic high-end apparel have a good reputation.

Compared with the traditional thermal insulation materials, the "Neoxiru" thermal insulation is down to 1.5 times that of other highly soft insulation material twice. Neo-Sherry materials allow more air to be retained between the fibers and retain more calories. And in the same size of the space, you can stuff more fibers, so more effective reflection of human thermal radiation. At the same time, the water content of the "Nissei" insulation material is only 1% of its own weight, even in humid environments it is still able to keep warm.

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