​ Vibram soles
Vibram is a famous rubber manufacturer in Italy. Vibram is specially designed for sole so as to obtain excellent abrasion resistance, good skid resistance and uniform texture, which have won the recognition of many shoe manufacturers in the world.

Vibram mixes natural rubber with synthetic rubber according to the needs of different products, so that the soles produced can have the most correct quality and performance. Natural rubber is harvested from rubber trees and has very good elasticity. The synthetic rubber mainly from the oil, more wear-resistant and durable.

Vibram uses a wide range of different rubber compounds. Each compound is carefully formulated for each shoe's different purposes and needs, so each sole exhibits different physical properties such as elasticity, density, hardness, Skid resistance, wear resistance ... and so on. Each compound is according to the needs of different products (such as: leisure, comfort, exercise) and to ensure the best performance.

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